Where the world's poor will live: 2005 vs 2015

Major gains by China and India over ten years means that they will be home to far less of the world’s poor. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is worrying as poverty is expected to increase by 2015 in terms of the number of people. In Nigeria a massive population with continued growth means the number of people living in poverty will decline only a little bit in real terms.

All of that is to say that the concentration of poverty is shifting and the response will likely change as well.  These findings from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) report Fragile states 2013: Resource flows and trends in a shifting worldBy 2015 half of the world’s population will live under $1.25 a day.

Check out the numbers:


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Scaling Up Nutrition Movement Convenes 27 Global Leaders

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed a group of 27 global leaders that will carry forward the mission of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement. “Never before have so many leaders, from so many countries and fields, agreed to work together to improve nutrition,” said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. “The Scaling Up Nutrition Movement gives all of us, including the UN, an opportunity to support countries in their efforts to end hunger and malnutrition.”


The SUN movement aims to address the burden of under-nutrition and support the effort of the MDG to halve poverty and hunger by 2012. The group created a framework in 2010 on how to acheive the goal. The advised, “The worldwide pursuit of vital strategies to improve nutrition will need backing through a strong public information programme which focuses on the importance of (a) making the economic impact of under-nutrition visible (b) engaging decision makers as activists for attention to under-nutrition in the context of food security, health and social protection in order to tackle this negative economic impact, (c) encouraging public participation in a social movement that empowers households and communities for better nutrition.”

The appointment of SUN leaders helps to further the goal of encouraging international participation in the framework. “It is time to recognize nutritional status not only as a marker of progress in development, but also as a maker of progress – and a key to more sustainable development. We must invest now in programmes to prevent stunting or risk diminishing the impact of other investments in education, health and child protection,” said Anthony Lake, Executive Director of UNICEF, who has been appointed by Secretary-General Ban to chair the Lead Group.

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Melinda Gates On Global Health Spending

Melinda Gates and New York Times journalist Nick Kristof allowed readers to submit questions about international development and global health.   The first part of the conversation was published yesterday; this question and answer caught the eye of us at Healthy Lives:

Question: I attended a talk once with the British economist Benny Dembitzer. He thinks that too much money is spent on the fight against malaria and other diseases, believing that a child may be saved from malaria today but could die from diptheria tomorrow. Instead, he’d rather see that money spend on primary education. As a molecular biologist, I think that the fight against insect transmitted diseases can be won, but I can understand the argument. Do you think that a point might be reached at which we have to say: Enough’s enough. Let’s give everyone bed nets and we can fight malaria through bringing people out of poverty? –ROBERT JONES

MELINDA: I hear that question a lot, and I don’t think it is either or. We have to do both. It is incredibly important not only to invest in health, but also to invest in efforts that stimulate economic growth, expand access to opportunity, and help the poor raise themselves out of poverty. Take agriculture, for example. We invest in agriculture because we believe that if smallholder farmers, the majority of whom are women, had access to better information and higher yielding and more resilient crops, they could better feed their families, earn higher incomes, and become self-sufficient.

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Healthy Dose July 5, 2011

Top StoryZimbabwe Ramps Up Male Circumcision Campaign An IRIN story shows how awareness and ease of access has lead to a significant jump in the number of men circumcised. Zimbabwe’s goal is to have 1.2 million men undergo voluntary circumcision by 2015. Tinashe Damba, 29, is one of almost 30,000 men who have taken advantage

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The Relationship Between Tobacco and Poverty

Seeing that today is World No Tobacco Day, it is appropriate to look at the correlation that tobacco use has with poverty. For many high income nations, tobacco use poses a major public health risk. For the poor, the stakes are even higher as access to education about tobacco and strong health systems are much

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As the G8 Meets in Deauville Global Health is Missing from the Agenda

The Global Health Council’s David Olson is supremely disappointed that global health is missing from the G8 agenda this week in Deauville, France. The heads of state are arriving as I write this — Russia and Canada arrived last night and the rest are on their way now — and global health is nowhere visible

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Healthy Dose May 25, 2011

Top Story Vuvuzelas Spread More Than Noise Unprepared World Cup fans were surprised that the buzzing was not a hoard of bees on the pitch, but ardent fans blowing their vuvuzelas. Now, the BBC reports new research which shows that using the loud horn can spread diseases like TB. Dr Ruth McNerney, who carried out

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Watch Live: Bill Gates Discusses Implications of Climate Change and Global Health

Tune in at 11:15 to watch Bill Gates discuss how climate change affects global poverty and global health, with Climate Solutions Board Co-chair Jabe Blumenthal. In the chat, he will touch on the ways that he sees clean energy solutions as ways to address disease, poverty and hunger. For more information on the talk, go

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Healthy Dose May 2, 2011

Top StoryOsama Bin Laden Killed in Surgical Strike The al Qaeda Leader and terrorist mastermind was killed in commando-style raid on a compound near Islamabad, Pakistan, President Obama announced late Sunday night. In a dramatic late-night appearance in the East Room of the White House, Mr. Obama declared that “justice has been done” as he

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Healthy Dose April 19, 2011

Top Story Nigerians Flee Election Violence After Goodluck Jonathan was declared the victor in Nigeria’s presidential elections on saturday, a spate of violence and rioting took hold in some northern communities. Reports BBC The Red Cross told the BBC some 16,000 has been displaced in six states across the north where some residents slept in

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Healthy Dose April 18, 2011

Top StoryUK to Hold Talks on Dire Libyan Humanitarian Situation Refugees from Libya Queue for Food at Tunisia Transit Camp. Photo Credit The UK plans to hold talks at the UN over the growing humanitarian crisis in Western Libya. UK International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell will discuss plans to increase aid and medical supplies and

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Healthy Dose April 1, 2011

Top StoryFlooding and Mudslide in Thailand Search and rescue efforts have intensified in Thailand after flooding and mudslides in the southern part of the country. Troops from the Thai military have joined the mission, and naval boats have been used to rescue tourists on holiday islands. At least 21 people have died after unseasonably wet

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