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Three Exciting New Funding Trends for Family Planning

Last week at the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP), PSI’s CEO Karl Hofmann spoke with Devex reporter Lean Alfred Santos. Hofmann shared his thoughts on how to address Global Goal 3 by rethinking business models to foster greater impact. Read the beginning of the interview below: Aside from multilateral and government financing, what are some of the other funding

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Health is a Right, Not a Privilege: Universal Health Coverage Gains Momentum

By Jennifer Orford Over the next two weeks Impact will post the top 12 global health moments of 2015 with commentary from experts. We want to hear your thoughts, too. So login and comment, share on social media and reflect on what has been a pretty interesting year for global health. In 2015, a global

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Doing Development Differently, Again.

By Karl Hofmann, President and CEO, Population Services International PSI was founded in 1970 to “do development differently.”  We worked in a handful of countries to the market for health products and services and used marketing practices to reach people in need.  We embraced an unconventional blend of sales and pricing to make products and

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A paradigm shift for tackling extreme poverty

By Karl Hofmann, President and CEO, Population Services International When girls and women earn, they spend 90% of their income on their families, while men spend between 30-40%. According to the Guttmacher Institute, if we were to meet the unmet need for contraception, we’d reduce unintended pregnancies by 70%, unsafe abortions by 74%, and reduce

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Management Lessons Inspire Social Impact

By Karl Hofmann, PSI President and CEO CEO of PSI, Karl Hofmann, discusses what unique approaches organizational leaders should adopt in order to build and maintain a thriving enterprise. This post was originally published in The New Global Citizen, a publication from PYXERA Global, that highlights the stories, strategies and social impact of innovative individuals,

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Could loyalty programmes help save lives in Africa?

Are you a member of a loyalty programme? If so, can you imagine someone living on $1-2 a day being motivated by a frequent flyer-like offer? Many of us have adapted our consumer behaviour to respond to loyalty programme incentives. The prospect of a free cup of coffee after ten purchases, or that upgrade after

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5 Interesting Ways Countries Use Taxes to Pay for Health Care

By Minal Bopaiah, Communications Manager, PSI Many U.S. citizens are sighing with relief after filing their annual income tax forms today. And this year, for the first time, a citizen’s registration with a health insurance policy will affect their tax rate. But while the U.S. has been hesitant to use tax revenue to bolster its health

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Yusni and her husband Zainuddin with their newborn son. (Photo: Jphiego)

Why Individual Donors Matter: An Interview With PSI’s Karl Hofmann

By Charlie Bressler, Guest Blogger from The Life You Can Save Foundation This post originally appeared on TheLifeYouCanSave.org blog and is re-posted with permission. What possessed Karl Hofmann, a career diplomat stationed in Paris, to leave the diplomatic corps and accept a position as President and CEO of Population Services International? After spending fifty minutes speaking

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When Girls Matter Everything Changes

By Oscar Abello When journalist Holly Gordon started researching the best interventions to solve poverty today, she and her team weren’t looking for a gender-specific or sector-specific solution. But they couldn’t avoid one: girls’ education, which became the clarion call in the documentary Gordon’s organization of the same name ultimately produced, Girl Rising. Gordon, now

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Three reasons to invest in healthy lives

By Karl Hofmann Health — we shouldn’t take it for granted. PSI helps mothers and children survive the most serious health challenges they face – like a lack of access to family planning, or HIV and AIDS. And we stem the greatest threats to children under five, including malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and malnutrition. Here are

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The Best Buys in Global Health: Striking an Effective Balance

To have real and lasting impact, we must step back from the intervention level of analysis to understand how we can mold entire ecosystems to better serve the health of broad populations. Sometimes this is called ‘health systems strengthening’, and sometimes it might be seen under the even broader rubric of ‘capacity building’.

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Striking an Effective Balance

By Karl Hofmann, President and CEO, PSI A ‘best buy’ in global health is an idea that can easily lead us to focus on a single intervention, a silver bullet in the fight to improve health outcomes around the world. And clearly, there are some notable interventions that truly do represent huge impact per dollar

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