Stemming HIV among the most at risk

A continuum of care

A female sex worker in Tanzania. A woman who injects drugs in Vietnam. A man in Nicaragua who has sex with men. A young person in Liberia who cannot read. These individuals and millions like them are often left behind in the fight against HIV. Around the world, key populations – men who have sex with

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Anti-Gay Laws, Policies, and HIV

By Dr. Paul Semugoma, ANOVA Health Institute

“It is our way of fighting HIV!” The speaker, a member of Uganda’s Parliament, hurled those words into the crowded room. His tone defiant, he was looking directly at me. It was May 9, 2011; the Parliament building in Kampala. The occasion: a hear­ing on Uganda’s proposed Anti-Homosex­uality Bill by the Committee on Legal and

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No turning back in fighting aids

By Kevin Fisher and Catherine Connor, co-Chairs of the Global AIDS Policy Partnership

The 20th International AIDS Conference marks a pivotal moment in the fight to end the AIDS pandemic – one that captures both the promise and the challenge of the years to come. The past decade of financial and political commitment has resulted in a major expansion of access to HIV prevention and treatment services around

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