Ashley Judd: The questions teens ask about sex

By Ashley Judd “Can you get HIV if you have sex in the sea?” That’s the kind of question that PSI-trained health educators like Jonas get asked. Jonas is meeting with 25 teens this afternoon in an open clearing in a Port Au Prince shantytown. He says, “We’re going to talk about HIV and STIs

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Ashley Judd, Mandy Moore and Debra Messing take a stand

Join them

You’re either a selfie-taker or a selfie-hater. Today, we can all find common ground with the unselfie. The unselfie movement is tied to #GivingTuesday and the holiday season, when most nonprofit see significant spikes in donations. The unselfie – unselfish selfie – is a photo with a caption explaining why you support a particular cause.

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A new technology to support HIV prevention

By Oscar Abello, PSI Trymore Chikwiriro is 29 years old, and his wife gave birth to their first child just this past October. Just like they expected, all of their nights were focused on their new baby– so the time seemed right for Trymore to undergo voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC). The World Health Organization

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UNITAID and PSI partner to expand access to HIV self-testing

Globally, there are an estimated 19 million people who do not know they are living with HIV. Without knowledge of their status, individuals cannot access life-saving HIV care and treatment. To close this gap, UNITAID is investing $23 million to accelerate access to HIV testing through simple HIV self-tests in three high-burden African countries over

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PSI’s Project Runway: Our Hottest Condom Couture

By Regina Moore, PSI On World AIDS Day, what better way to get people’s attention than some show stopping, condom-themed fashion? The designs will certainly turn heads, but more than that they allow people to talk openly about condoms and healthy behaviors. Today  we both celebrate the progress that the world has made against HIV and

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Banned Condom Ads in Tanzania: Have You Seen Them?

The city of Sydney, Australia, experienced a little — or perhaps giant — condom-related controversy earlier this month when an HIV-awareness organization installed an 18-meter tall pink prophylactic in Hyde Park. Displays like these, often designed to provoke, offer awareness and education. And since it’s the hands-on products that men use that will ultimately save

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Franchising supports health workers

VIDEO: CNN spoke with Mandy Moore about her recent trip to Tanzania with PSI

The video accompanied an op-ed piece by Moore, explaining what she learned about how PSI uses the social franchise model to support all aspects of running a small clinic: Dr. John said what he most needed was better business management skills. He was most appreciative about that component of PSI’s franchise model — the ongoing

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Team orange

How PSI reinforces positive reproductive health messaging through branding, edutainment

By Jennifer James In Tanzania, orange has increasingly become the recognized color of family planning and reproductive health services. Population Services International’s orange Familia brand is quite common in most regions of this coastal country of 49 million. PSI, a global non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of people in the developing world, has

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A total market for circumcision

How private sector providers add marketing and distribution value for voluntary medical male circumcision

By Oscar Abello President Barack Obama. Former Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Oscar-award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o. They’re not just of Kenyan heritage—all three are specifically of Luo heritage, the third largest ethnic group in Kenya, predominantly residing in the Nyanza province on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya’s western region. The Luo standout

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Shining a spotlight on health workers

Highlights from day 2 of Mandy Moore and Jennifer James' trip to Tanzania

PSI Ambassador Mandy Moore and Moms For Social Good founder Jennifer James are traveling to Tanzania this week to spotlight the vital contributions of health workers to global health and development. Photo credit: Trevor Snapp Checkout highlights from day 1 or day 3. Highlights from day 2 below: [View the story “Celebrity ambassador Mandy Moore

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Almost there

Let’s celebrate nurses and health workers by sharing this infographic

Editor’s note: Part of a special series on the global health workforce, in partnership with the Frontline Health Workers Coalition. Checkout #HealthWorkersCount on Twitter for more from coalition partners. Issue No. 18 of Impact, focusing on the global health workforce, launches next week.    Nestled on the shores of Lake Victoria, Kenya, the Ngegu dispensary is waging a winning war

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