HIV findings

5 Unexpected Findings for Preventing and Treating HIV in Hidden Populations

By Alejandra Cabrera, PASMO, Strategic Information Manager A new hub, found at, offers the data and lessons learned from the USAID Combination Prevention Program for HIV in Central America, a five-year program funded by USAID and implemented by PSI’s network member, the Pan-American Social Marketing Organization (PASMO). The Program aims to reduce HIV transmission

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Voluntary Male Circumcision

Why 9.1 Million African Men Chose Circumcision

By Jenny Tolep, External Relations and Communications At the recent International AIDS Society conference, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that in 2014 there had been a 750 percent increase in the annual number of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcisions (VMMC) performed just four years previously in 2010. This is a tremendous scale-up for a biomedical

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HIV in Cambodia

The Story Behind the Story: Innovative Program Brings HIV Testing to Cambodian Communities

By Anna Dirksen, PSI Consultant Earlier this month, The Diplomat — one of the leading international news outlets for Asia-Pacific — published an article on a community-based HIV testing program in Cambodia, calling it “the first of its kind in the region”. The article describes the incredible battle Cambodians are waging against HIV, with an

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Family Planning for Women

Measurable Results from Zimbabwe’s Widespread Condom Use

By Jenny Tolep, External Relations and Communications Did you know that Zimbabwe has the highest condom use in the world? In 2014, there were more than 109 million condoms used. In a country where roughly 1,400,000 adults are living with HIV, more than 50 percent of them women, condom use is critical. PSI has contributed to

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Nina Hasen

Introducing PSI’s New Director of HIV and TB: Q & A with Nina Hasen

Nina Hasen recently joined PSI as the Director of HIV and Tuberculosis. Coming to us from the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC), which oversees the President’s Emergency Response for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), Nina brings not only expertise in HIV and AIDS programming and policy, but also a strong scientific and academic background through

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Transgender Thailand

Beyond Caitlyn Jenner: The Reality for Most Transgender People

By Anna Dirksen, PSI Consultant America was buzzing this week with talk about the 22-page Vanity Fair spread on Caitlyn Jenner that dropped onto newsstands June 9th. Caitlyn, who first became famous winning the gold medal in the men’s decathlon event at the 1976 Summer Olympics, talks openly in the article about how difficult it was for her to come

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Fighting for Heroic Moms This Mother’s Day

By Congresswoman Barbara Lee and PSI Ambassador Ashley Judd Motherhood is not for the faint-hearted. Mothers struggle to do the best they can for their children — making sure they’re happy, healthy and know they are loved. In many parts of the world, this is a truly heroic feat. As we watch ongoing coverage of

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Transforming from Drug User to Peer Educator

Photo of the Week

By Jenny Tolep, External Relations & Communications Meet P’Boy – a PSI peer educator who meets with roughly 50 current and recovering drug users in Bangkok, Thailand every day. P’Boy was once a drug user himself. Since the age of 16, he injected heroine and was arrested 27 times. After living this lifestyle for 15

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Supporting Sexual Assault Survivors in Zimbabwe

By Kumbirai Chatora, Director of Social Marketing, PSI Zimbabwe April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month to raise awareness about sexual violence and engage communities on how to prevent it. According to the WHO, an average of 30% of women globally who have been in a relationship report having experienced some form of physical or sexual

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The Greatest Gift: Improving Couple HIV Testing Rates in South Africa

Today, at the 2015 World Social Marketing conference in Sydney, Australia, Tessa Meyer, head of marketing and communications for PSI’s South Africa network partner SFH, will present her findings for how to use social marketing to get couples to test for HIV together. Meyers’ abstract is a finalist for top abstract at the conference. By

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The Condom with the Most Studs in the World

By Jenny Tolep, External Relations and Communications Is there such thing as a perfect condom? The type of condom that’s effective, yet comfortable? One that adds excitement instead of interrupting the heat-of-the-moment? A recently published Slate article suggested why improvements must be made to the modern-day condom: In the 2010 National Survey of Sexual Health

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What ‘Prosperity with Equity’ Really Looks Like in Central America

By Alejandra Cabrera, PASMO Strategic Information Manager and Anna Dirksen, PSI Consultant The 7th Summit of the Americas kicks off tomorrow and all eyes are on Panama, where the meeting takes place. Mostof those watching will likely be focused on the return of Cuba to the hemispheric forum and the meeting of US President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro.  But the

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