Transforming from Drug User to Peer Educator

Photo of the Week

By Jenny Tolep, External Relations & Communications Meet P’Boy – a PSI peer educator who meets with roughly 50 current and recovering drug users in Bangkok, Thailand every day. P’Boy was once a drug user himself. Since the age of 16, he injected heroine and was arrested 27 times. After living this lifestyle for 15

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3 Take-Aways from the World Social Marketing Conference

By Anabel Gomez, PSI Global Social Marketing Advisor Considered a leading organization in social marketing, PSI presented multiple abstracts at the World Social Marketing conference in Sydney, Australia, earlier this month. In addition, plenty of lessons came from peer organizations, governments and marketing firms throughout the world. Here are three not-to-miss campaigns that PSI could

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Surviving Ebola: A Doctor on the Frontlines of Health

Photo of the week

By Regina Moore, Manager, External Relations & Communications In celebration of World Health Worker Week, today’s “Photo of the Week” features a doctor in Monrovia, Liberia. One of only several dozen doctors in the country of more than four million people, Dr. Ireland was on the frontlines of the Ebola epidemic.  Dr. Phillip Ireland didn’t

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What ‘Prosperity with Equity’ Really Looks Like in Central America

By Alejandra Cabrera, PASMO Strategic Information Manager and Anna Dirksen, PSI Consultant The 7th Summit of the Americas kicks off tomorrow and all eyes are on Panama, where the meeting takes place. Mostof those watching will likely be focused on the return of Cuba to the hemispheric forum and the meeting of US President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro.  But the

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Peter Singer, The Most Good You Can Do

Book Review: The Most Good You Can Do by Peter Singer

Review by Minal Bopaiah, Communications Manager, PSI Once in a while, you read a book that opens doors in your mind. This week, Peter Singer’s new book, “The Most Good You Can Do,” hits bookshelves (and Amazon), and the advanced copy PSI received is already leading to interesting conversations around the office. For those of

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Links We Liked

Weekly Buzz

By Jenny Tolep, External Relations & Communications Innovation in global health is always buzzing around the web. Curious what happened this week on Twitter? Here are a few of our favorite tweets: The Legacy of One Woman's Dream to Help People With #HIV via @allafrica @psiimpact — Kate Roberts (@KateRobertsPSI) March 27, 2015 This

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Photo Credit: Gareth Bentley

Does Depo-Provera Increase the Risk of HIV Transmission? What the Data Really Says

By Minal Bopaiah, Communications Manager, PSI With all the controversy swirling around Depo-Provera and HIV risk — the alarmist headlines and counter-arguments about the assumed relationship and the need for future studies— one might want to reconsider the injectable hormonal contraceptive, right? Well, not so fast, says Dr. Paul Blumenthal, Stanford professor and global medical

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4 ‘development crystal ball’ ideas for 2015

By Karl Hofmann, president & CEO, PSI Global health events of 2014 — particularly the Ebola epidemic in West Africa — seemed to shock many in the mainstream media, but no one working in development is surprised when health systems in weak states show their limitation. Looking back in order to look forward is a

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Weekly buzz: Sources we like

It might be the day after thanksgiving, but we’d still like to say we’re thankful for all the journalists and media outlets covering global issues, aiming to reveal the commonalities between humans in wildly disparate contexts. As you’re waiting in the checkout line on Black Friday, here are just a few of our go-to sources for the

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Globally connected, nationally rooted

Can international NGOs be part of a “local solution”? Over on Devex, PSI President and CEO Karl Hofmann makes a resounding case for why they can, listing four ways international organizations can strengthen development locally: 1. Incentivize national staff. Procurement rules often dictate that national employees of international NGOs, or those working in their country of

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Win-win investments need cross-sector partnership


Q&A with Klaus Brill, Head of Corporate Commercial Relations, Bayer.

Impact: How does Bayer determine a best investment in terms of value, business plan, audience and opportunity?

Klaus Brill (KB): At Bayer, we look for win-win investment opportunities coming to us through various organizations, governments or internal parties. For Bayer, we make sure that the opportunity matches our general interests in terms of our motto “Science for a Better Life.” We do an assessment to ensure that the opportunity matches one of our global core businesses: women’s health care, primary care, oncology, cardiology, and ophthalmology. If we can identify an interest from a business perspective, we can see the opportunity as a win-win investment for us and our partner.

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