Listen, learn, tinker, repeat

How to design better solutions for 'The Poor'

By Iulian Circo, Country Representative, PSI Mozambique A lot of my work at PSI Mozambique as well as with Movercado has to do with providing market-based solutions for under-served people (the “Bottom of Pyramid”) and making sure these solutions actually get there and get used. Harder than it sounds. But I love it. You approach “the poor”

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The secrets of Starbucks

PSI and MSI Launch Social Franchising eLearning Course

By Christine Bixiones, Technical Advisor, Sexual Reproductive Health & TB Department Twenty years ago in Nepal, the first modern example of social franchising for health – the application of commercial franchising strategies to achieve public health goals – began expanding access to quality health services. This year, PSI and Marie Stopes International, two organizations that have

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An HIV self-test kit

Self-test kits: A new hope

Market analysis for HIV self-test kits, new products with huge potential

By Oscar Abello If you had to use one word to describe going in to get tested for HIV, what would it be? Gloomy? Grim? Brave? Slow? Responsible? Awkward? Removing some of those less desirable aspects of determining one’s HIV status is one of the biggest remaining challenges to stopping the spread of the virus

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Giving thanks

At kickoff for global gathering, gratitude for country representatives

By Oscar Abello While it may be at times a lonely, thankless job, being the leader of a PSI network member has to start with community and love – and when it does, it can be a source of hope, inspiration, and impact for that member’s country and beyond. That, along with no small measure

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Exploring the edge

The global PSI network pauses to consider what it means to be edgy

By Oscar Abello Consider the slinky. When you pick it up by its top edge and lift it off whatever surface it was on, what happens? It yo-yos up and down. Now, what makes it yo-yo up and down? If you thought it was your hand, think again. Better yet—try again, but this time with

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Condoms in the office

Geeking out on global development

Five surprises from a day with PSI

Editor’s note: Earlier this year, PSI held a contest for an all-expense paid trip to Washington to spend a day with staff and field experts, learning about the organization’s work and its approaches to solving some of the world’s most health pressing problems. by Jennifer Iacovelli Barbour I recently had the honor of visiting a

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Last on the needle

Why we need to reach women who inject drugs with critical health services

By Laetitia Lemoine Women who inject drugs are “last on the needle”. This was the message conveyed during the Symposia Session “Women Drug Users: Our Voices, Our Lives, Our Health” at the 2014 International AIDS Conference. Part of an already marginalized group, women who use drugs in developing regions face extreme levels of gender-based violence,

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A partnership that’s working

Tetanus, a swift and painful killer, comes from bacteria that live in soil, which can enter the body through deep, open wounds. Untreated tetanus infections produce intense muscle spasms that prevent breathing, often leading to death. Unvaccinated mothers and their newborns are at highest risk for tetanus infections, caused by unhygienic birth practices such as

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Market Dynamics Matter

PSI is implementing a five-country project, funded by UNITAID, to create a private sector market for malaria rapid diagnostic tests. Otieno Chemist, left, is one of the registered private sector outlets in Kenya. Photo courtesy of UNITAID

By Brian Smith, originally posted at

Editor’s note: NextBillion Health Care has launched a new Market Dynamics initiative to encourage discussion about how markets impact health outcomes.

Why are so many global public health experts talking about “market dynamics” these days?

Whether we call it “market shaping” or “market facilitation” or the “total market approach,” there is a large and growing interest in the idea that we’ll be more effective in improving health outcomes at the base of the pyramid if we frame challenges in terms of markets. Why?

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Social franchise networks

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 2.10.05 PM

In this video, released this week from Devex, PSI President & CEO Karl Hofmann (@KarlHofmannPSI) chats with Devex’s Rolf Rosenkranz (@DevexRolf) about how social franchise networks help medical entrepreneurs deliver quality, affordable healthcare services to some of the hardest-to-reach populations on a sustainable, market-driven basis. In more than 20 countries, PSI-supported social franchise networks reach an estimated 10 million customers every year.

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